The SF 95 Satfinder, this superb little instrument features a full size moving coil numeric display meter and requires no batteries to operate.
Simply by connecting the Satfinder into the dish line feed cable anywhere between the receiver and the LNB, it will draw power from the receiver and provide a very accurate, illuminated meter display of the reception level and alignment of the satellite system and dish.
It is also capable of testing the power supply from the receiver to the LNB and dish, this fully adjustable professional quality piece of equipment, is a 'must' for every enthusiast's toolbox.
The “Deluxe” version of the SF95 Satfinder also features an audible tone, which increases in pitch with higher signal level.
Covering a frequency range of 0.95 to 2.300 Ghz with a Gain factor of 17db and a Sensitivity of 7, it also features an LNB Gain Factor of 52 - 60db...The power supply required (normally taken from the LNB output of the receiver) is 12 - 18 volts DC.
Set the Sat finder`s control about quarter way up and move the dish to find the strongest signal available. This should be Astra at 19.2E.
Set the needle to read 5 or 50% on the Meter.
Tilt the dish downward until the needle shows just 3 or 25% of the scale, and then reset the control till the needle reads 5 or 50% on the scale
Very slowly move the dish 9 degrees Eastwards until you locate the strongest signal, this should be 28.2 degrees. - Then peak the dish by adjusting the elevation and skew until no further improvement is obtained
FINDING THE ASTRA 28.2 DIGITAL SKY CHANNELS - When using the Satfinder with a Skydigibox, you will find that the meter is much more sensitive than the on-screen bar graphs displayed by the Skydigibox test menus. It is therefore recommended to rely on the 'finder' to locate the satellite. Also, when the Skydigibox receives the first signals, it can take a few minutes to display a normal picture. You will be waiting for the duration of the 'blue' picture whilst the Skydigibox searches for the listings...Now is  the time to make a signal check using the Skydigibox menu via 'Services', '4 System Set Up', '6 Signal Test' (the signal quality bar graph) to ensure that the optimum signal is being received before finally tightening up the dish securing bolts.
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